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Posted in: Node War
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Tags: black desert, lethality, malumfactum, node war, paradigm, skystrike
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July 20, 201611 months ago

Node War - SkyStrike vs. MalumFactum, Paradigm, Lethality

We had quite a war today. Whether or not all 3 guilds were allied from the beginning is unknown, but they did rally up together to try and defeat SkyStrike. We started with MalumFactum. They had a very good base setup and it was a struggle to deal with their defenses. We backed off of MalumFactum and switched to Lethality. Lethality put up a fight but in the end they were defeated. While taking down Lethality, our base was under heavy attack. Our offense came to our defense's aid and was successful in pushing Paradigm and MalumFactum back enough for us to rebuild our base. From there, we split a group off to attack Paradigm. Paradigm was defeated while we had a strong defense setup. After Paradigm was defeated, MalumFactum contacted us and informed us that they were giving up. This was a great victory for SkyStrike!