May 25, 2014 Posted by sibble in PVP Tournament

Great Lakes PVP Tournament May 25th 2014 (Video)

This tournament was packed with action! This week was the first tournament since the second GL population burst and included some new gladiators from HI5. The Bonus round (4 free for all) was between Mortarion, Beorn, Skillz and Breaking Point. The bonus round was won by Skillz. Round one was won by Breaking Point, only to get the chance of winning the entire tournament stripped from him by Holy Moses!

In round two, the tournament ended with a final match between Dat Big Deck and Mortarion. The winner was decided by roll of the dice after egos smashed and lots of yapping commenced during the match. HI5 was apparently not too happy with the result, as Dat Big Deck pulled out with the win from the dice roll. After the roll, an assassination attempt at Dat Big Deck was made by HI5. You can see the results of that in this other post.

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