OuTLaW and his smoke bombs

OuTLaW has been known to carry more smoke bombs than your typical stealther. This is because he is bad and has to disappear during fights constantly. He is normally accused of smoke bombing 1v1, only to claim that he only smoke bombs if he is disarmed. I myself know this is not true, as I've witnessed him smoke bombing many times without even being disarmed. This time, he was caught on stream smoke bombing after a Nerve Strike Death Strike combo.

Later that night, Big Harry claimed that the conclusion to the fight that happened at the end of this video, was in fact a 2v5 fight. Although Vivid and Amish were present, they were not attacking either Big Harry nor OuTLaW. Checkmate was also fighting me, so up until Checkmate died this was actually 3v2 fight. Vivid and Amish jumped in to take care of Checkmate, but by then Big Harry had already died, leaving myself and Dan vs. OuTLaW.

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