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7-19-16 Node War - SkyStrike vs. MalumFactum, Paradigm, Lethality

Great war versus an alliance!
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7-17-16 Node War - SkyStrike vs. WaifuHunta

This war was pretty intense. WaifuHunta is one of the top guilds on our server. We played hard, they played harder and won. Good fight!
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May 25th PVP Tourny

From 12 gladiators, down to 1.
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Thank you all for coming!

The last words spoken before an assassination attempt on the winning gladiator at the tournament.
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DayZ Head Shot with a DMR

This was a head shot with a DMR at 900+ meters in DayZ. DayZ is a game built on a combat simulation engine named Arma 2.
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